• Solar Power Technology Re-invented

What if you could simply coat highly efficient radiant Solar “power” onto buildings and homes, eradicating the need for expensive and intrusive solar panels or films?  Well you can now!

We can replace unsightly solar panels with pre-coated roofing materials and approach housing/building power needs using our SLP coatings eliminating the need for outside installation of solar panels.  Learn more about our technology.

April 2014 Update

Imagine an incredible new power source!

Imagine a world were each element contributes power in collaboration and harmony with our environment. Roads would power buildings, buildings would power homes, electric cars could travel as far as they could go and never need a charging station, transportation would be clean, and streets would be lit with signaling in a seemingly renewable cycle. Seems incredible, but we have invented the means to achieve this now! It is called SLP and what it stands for is Solar Liquid Power (SLP). We have married electrochemistry, Nanoscience, physics and material science into a Nanotechnology applied science and process, to produce a molecular based liquid coating capable of delivering power to just about anything…roads, E-Cars, Homes, Buildings, Aerospace projects, Electronics and many other applications.

As a business we chose to initially stay away from the highly politically charged grid applications since refurbishment and returns on old investments are the primary service needs. SLP as a new application would require being the only application used and not re-coating old or degrading substrates which could cause quality assurance issues as the underlying substrates decay and affect the new warranty top layers of the SLP coating.

To be able to promise the highest quality of any power application in confidence and in warranty as–built and regulatory tested; you cannot simply be sitting on top of other people’s work. The product reputation must be based on completely standing alone or embedded into OEM materials to maintain end user confidence.

Technically, SLP is a liquid colloid, which means scientifically that it is a liquid that turns into a solid, like spray coating yourSolar Liquid Power (SLP) home outside with latex paint and watching it dry as protective technical or architectural coating, or embedding the SLP coating onto roof tiles while in production, or incorporating SLP onto E-Cars. Our sole purpose is to provide liquid power with an overall efficiency of 40% at a low cost with a thoughtful companion business model requiring no government subsidiaries, nor any new land masses or special pointing concepts or physical structures of any kind.

It’s renewable Liquid Power!

The company’s mantra and published mission is to build an effective and affordable new renewable energy power source as a liquid, without borders and boundaries for the masses and their needs.

As an incorporable liquid into all OEM materials and across numerous applications, the idea is to provide a ready made power liquid (embedded SLP) application for use. In E-Cars for example, the SLP and its companion liquid transmission matrix or liquid lipid diode (LLD), is simply a part of the car’s primer and color coating processes before the final protective coating is applied.  In homes, roof tiles would arrive already embedded with SLP ready to install over the LLD layer with pig tail ends to Positive and Negative leads attached to standard inverters and converters to not only close the circuits but also to convert the provided DC power to AC power to immediate use. While we still believe DC power is more efficient, our intention is to provide both options.

When will the world receive the benefits of this new nano technology breakthrough?

The Company is hunting investors to fund production operations now with already planned first projects in the UK and USA. Then full global production by 2016 as currently planned. The Company Executives have spent several years building the extraordinary relationships and support systems in the USA and the UK to now meet the reason we started this company in the first place, “to truly support the environment and to contribute to how we live, work and play for many decades into the future as a long term renewable energy solutions company of strength and value”.  Welcome to SUNTCO (MIQ).

To learn more go to the Contact Section of this website and send us a detailed email. We wish to hear about your needs and how we will work together.